FNTA Newsletter: The Liber & Page

August 2016 – Summer Edition – First Nationwide Title Agency LLC, proudly continues our quarterly newsletter with this Summer edition of the Liber & Page. In this issue, we review several important developments which impact the real estate industry. -Vincent G. Danzi, Editor

April 2016 – Spring Edition – First Nationwide Title Agency, LLC, proudly continues our quarterly newsletter with this April / Spring edition of the Liber & Page. Inside this issue of L&P, you will find our breakdown of the recent FinCEN Geographic Targeting Orders affecting high-value residential real property in Manhattan and Miami-Dade County, Florida, an update on recent changes to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act by First Nationwide’s General Counsel, Jeffrey S. Tanen, Esq., some notable sales tax bulletins and lower court rulings relating to practical real property law, and an in-depth look at how refinance rates for title insurance are calculated in New York State. – Vincent G. Danzi, Editor

January 2016 – Winter Edition – First Nationwide Title Agency, LLC, proudly introduces the first issue of our quarterly newsletter, the Liber & Page. Inside each issue of L&P, you will find the latest real estate news relevant to professionals like you who negotiate and facilitate real estate transactions, both large and small. L&P will be supplemented with special editions when important developments break. In addition to news about new laws, regulations, and case law, each issue will also feature an “In Depth” column that focuses on a particular facet of our industry. Vincent G. Danzi, senior vice president and senior counsel at First Nationwide, is L&P’s editor. Feel free to contact him at vdanzi@firstnat.com with any comments or suggestions. – Steven Napolitano, CEO