Description FNTA Price
ACRIS E-Tax Forms $200.00
Agreement to Remove C&R’s $280.00
Bankruptcy Search / Patriot Search $10.00 per name
Certificate of Good Standing $175.00
Certificate of Incorporation $150.00
Certificate of Title Residential $750.00
Certificate of Title Commercial $1000.00
Certified Copies $150.00 Plus County charge per page
Continuation Search(1 Year) $150.00
Co-Op Search $300.00
Co-Op Search w/Increased Liabilty $400.00
Copies $50.00
Deed Chain – 25 Years $150.00 minimum without copies
Extra Chain Charge (Per lot) $150.00
Foreclosure Search (Mechanic’s Lien, Mortgage or Common Charge) $500.00
C&R Search $300.00
Judgements and Liens vs. Name (No Mortgages) $75.00 per name
Last Owner Search – deed search $125.00
Last Owner and Open Mortgages Search $225.00
Last Owner, Judgements, Liens w/ mortgages $300.00
Lien Search vs. Block and Lot $150.00
Litigation Search $125.00
Franchise Tax Status $125.00
Lien Search w/ Mortgages vs. Block and Lot $200.00
Map Abandonment $375.00
Map Filing/Certification $500.00
Mortgage Search vs. Block and Lot $175.00
Partition Search $500.00
Recording (Accommodation – New York Counties $250.00 service fee plus governmental recording fee
Recording (Accommodation – Outside New York State) $150.00 service fee for first document plus governmental recording charges
Recording UCC (Accommodation – all counties) $250.00 – plus governmental recording charges
Recording Service Fee (Residential) $25.00 per document plus governmental recording charges
Side Walk Violation Copies $50.00
Single and Separate Search (Variance) $500.00 plus $100.00 for each additional chain
Special Certificate of Occupancy $250.00
Street Abandonment $400.00 plus $100 for each chain over 2
Street Dedication $300.00
Street Search (Ownership) $2,500.00
Surrogate Search $100.00
Survey Inspections $75.00 + pass through charge
Tax Lien Redemption $250.00
Tax Search $60.00
UCC Searches (State or County) Ordered with a Vendor $100.00 per name per jurisdiction
Zoning Lot Certification $500.00-$2000.00
 Attorney General Condo Offering Plan Title Letter  $1,500.00
Title Certification  $500.00

Departmentals / Municipals FNTA Price
Standard Residential Set $350.00
Standard Commercial Set $500.00


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