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Closing and Escrow Services

FNTA’s staff are very experienced in implementing the most intricate of closing and escrow instructions. When attorneys need a trusted and dependable escrow agent to effect the terms of a contract of sale, they call upon FNTA as their partner.

Commercial Title Specialists

FNTA’s underwriters and attorneys are among the most experienced in the industry, having handled literally trillions of dollars of transactions. FNTA has the knowledge to insure the most high value commercial real estate transactions, including those which involve the transfer of “air rights” and rights to vertical space, subsurface easements and rights of way, undersea utility transmission, and the myriad concerns associated with high value commercial real estate.

Condominium and Co-op Unit Policies

A. Whether residential or commercial, or a mix of the two, FNTA is your source for title insurance on condominiums. We understand the special concerns of purchasers when acquiring condominium units, which have special restrictions on their use, and we are the developers’ preferred provider of title insurance for the initial sale of newly-created condominium units.

B. Not all title agencies are permitted to issue title insurance on cooperative units, but FNTA can. Our staff having undergone specific, specialized training, we are an authorized agent for the purposes of insuring the purchase of interests in cooperative housing corporations.

More of Our Title Related Service and Solutions

Leasehold Policies

FNTA can provide you with title insurance that guarantees both the validity of your lease, and the sanctity of the title which underlies your landlord’s right to lease the premises to you in the first place.

Owner’s Policies

Owner’s title insurance policies ensure that the seller has proper title to convey to you as the purchaser. Purchasing an owner’s title insurance policy not only provides you with piece of mind after a purchase, the process itself results in a “tune up” of the title, where errors are often discovered and corrected before they become a problem or a source of later dispute with neighbors.

Tax History Reports

We contact the local property tax authorities and provide you a complete, and concise report of the tax status of the real property you are inquiring about.

Judgment and Lien Searches

We search the public records relevant to the person or entity you need researched and disclose back to you any judgments and liens recorded therein.

Mezzanine Insurance

FNTA’s commercial expertise really shines when it comes to mezzanine financing. When an owner of commercial property requires financing in excess of the present value of the commercial property, a mortgage loan which allows the lender to foreclose upon that commercial property will not be enough collateral to secure such a loan. This is where mezzanine financing comes in. With a mezzanine loan, interests in the entity owning such commercial property is pledged to a lender, thereby providing the additional leverage necessary to move forward with further improvements to the building.

Recording Services

Whether you need to have a deed or mortgage recorded at the county clerk’s office, or you require that a judgment be indexed in a county other than that which it was originally docketed, FNTA has the practical experience needed to ensure that your documents get recorded promptly and without rejection.

Title Searches

We search the public records of the county where the real property is located and report back to you with an abstract of the relevant records. This is also the beginning step of providing title insurance to you and your lender.

Survey Inspection Services

You can often save money by having an older survey examined in the field. FNTA attempts to locate an old survey for you, or receives one from the parties, and then sends a field examiner out to the site to verify whether any significant changes have occurred to the land. This oftentimes obviates the need for a new survey for title insurance purposes.

Last Owner Searches

An abbreviated form of title search, a “Last Owner Search”, is often useful to lenders and attorneys, in order to quickly check who the last record owner of the premises is. While this search is uninsured, and does not guarantee the ownership of the premises is as stated in the deed, it is often a favored tool of investors and lenders because of its high rate of reliability and quick turn-around time.

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