First Nationwide Title is at the Vanguard of Protecting NPPI.

First Nationwide is committed to the protection of the consumer Non-Public Private information (or NPPI). At First Nationwide, we are leveraging the latest messaging encryption and information security technology for the benefit of all of our clients. Whether we are working with a large institutional lender which is servicing consumers, or we are working with your attorney on the purchase of real property, the protection of NPPI is of paramount concern to us.

However, while leading technology is an indispensable tool for protecting NPPI, it is only one of the arrows in our quiver. Encryption technology is not enough if it is not paired with practical company procedures and protocols to protect that nonpublic information. Protecting NPPI is not simply a matter of upgrading software. It requires educating staff on what is and is not nonpublic information so that those communications and documents carrying NPPI are treated differently from others, and consequently controlled more closely. Sometimes in the zeal to “impress” clients, companies opt for impractical solutions that treat all information the same, which oftentimes leads to frustration for the client, a breakdown of efficiency for the provider, and eventually contempt for the security protocols themselves. At First Nationwide, however, our privacy protocol goes beyond the upgrading of software or the re-routing of email communications to a log-in portal. Our approach focuses upon two key points: (1) eliminating the unnecessary storage and transmission of NPPI, and (2) when it is necessary to transmit NPPI, using transmission methods that require bona fide verification.

Aside from First Nationwide’s protocols via the voluntary transmission of NPPI, we also employ practical measures to ensure that NPPI is not mined from us involuntarily:

  • Our headquarters is physically-secured by human security guards and by electronic locks on all doors, both exterior and interior;
  • Paper files are routinely destroyed via shredding;
  • Our computer servers are located in secure physical and electronic settings;
  • By leveraging our industry-leading title production software, operational staff are given access only to the portions of our files that they need access to in order to facilitate their portion of the transaction.

Using a combination of separation of duties, heightened background investigations for those employees handling NPPI, physical safeguards, and the latest technology which enables compartmentalization of sensitive information, First Nationwide is at the vanguard of protecting NPPI.


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